the hangman noose

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Paul Arkwright, on Monday 10th October, 2016 in commemoration of the World Day against Death Penalty urged Nigeria to abolish the death penalty. He stated that capital punishment cheapens human life.

It was confirmed by the Press and Public Affairs Officer for the British Envoy, that Nigeria had not carried out any execution since 2013, but with over 1000 prisoners still on death row, there was a cause for concern.

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon also described the death penalty as a cruel and inhumane practice – globally retained by 65 countries for terrorism-related offenses. He emphasized that it had no place in the 21st century, and for the practice “to be legitimate and effective, counter-terror measures, like all security operations, must be anchored in respect for human rights and the rule of law”.


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