Queen Ohamara is the founder and CEO of Qmara Vie Planners, a boutique events management that caters to the unique, refined, and sometimes niche tastes of a wide spectrum of clients both individual and corporate, home and abroad.

After securing a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Abuja, she decided to pursue a career from her love of organizing and flare for creative design. She went to work for a reputable events planning company where she honed her skills, acquired a wealth of knowledge about the industry as well as its short comings, and gained experience in the events planning industry.

In 2015 she launched her brainchild, Qmara Vie Planners, through which she not only intended to bring her vision to life, but also provide a bespoke hands-on management and planning experience. Four years on and she has had the privilege of planning a slew of high profile events around the country for both corporate and private clients.

She is constantly working on new ways to merge the latest techniques and technologies with the signature warmth and personal approach her brand is known for.

How did you get into planning weddings/What inspired you

Helping people and putting things in order comes naturally to me. I always knew where and how to get the best electrician or plumber. I was basically the plug.

While in school, my friends decided to put my organizational skills to good use. I was not surprised when they asked me to organize a bridal party. At the time, I did not know that this gift had huge revenue generating ability.

Subsequently, I worked for a company that helped me harness my skills as an event planner. That’s how i started doing what I now do well so beautifully and professionally.

Tell us about a notable wedding you’ve worked on lately

We have done a lot, but the one that stands out is a Louvre themed wedding we planned not too long ago.

The Louvre is a museum in Paris. The couple wanted their wedding to depict their love for The Louvre. The bride also wanted a feminist-themed wedding as she is a feminist.

Incorporating the “Louvre and feminism” themes was a good challenge. Doing something different excited me as challenges are an avenue for growth.

I did my research, did my homework and went to work. We contacted the right vendors to bring the clients desires to life.

Not only did we exceed the clients expectations, we also got ourselves a lifetime client.

What is your favorite part of your job and the process

The favourite part of my job is the satisfaction my clients derive from the work I do for them. When they see that the brief has been properly and well-executed.

This is why we went a step further to start the venue reveal and pre guest arrival venue photoshoot.

Our planning process is thorough as every detail is important to me. The hair and makeup is not left out.

The excitement on the clients face when they get more than what they expected satisfies and encourages me to do better.

What tips or advice can you give to couples in the midst of planning their big day

My advice for intending couples is to do a research on a prospective wedding planner. Ask questions about the planners work, check the planners profile and see if their execution matches your expectations.

Confirm from people the planner has worked with and see if they deliver as they promise.

As soon as the couple are convinced to use a planner, go ahead and contact the planner. Let the planner know exactly what you want.

Once the two parties have reached an agreement for the wedding, the couple should sit back and let the planner do their work.



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