Having previously worked in the fashion industry, she decided to utilize her innate creativity skils, flair for design and passion for creating beautiful spaces to start her event management company, Enchanted events in 2011.

Today, Enchanted Events is renowned for designing and planning some of the most high profile events in Nigeria, including the wedding of the Zarah Buhari, daughter of the president of Nigeria.

The company has also planned and executed events for other top government officials, various embassies and high-end corporate executives. Her work on events has been feautured in a number of publications including Mode Men and The Abuja times.

Nwachukwu continues to refine the her craft achieving several specialized certifications. She is a Preston Bailey(New York) wedding planner protégé, a Karen Tran (California) protégé trained in the art of luxury floral design and a graduate of the Wedding Planning Institue (California).

Why event decoration?

As a teenager I was obsessed with fashion and creativity and for a while,, I wanted to become a fashion designer. I started modeling by age 18 and had a successful career as a model and beauty queen. During this time I was involved in a lot of high profile events. This part of my life fueled my love for organizing and planning events.

After university, I decided to join the corporate world. However, while working full time, I was also training as a makeup artist and taking event planning/decor courses. Fast-forward four years later; with my foundational corporate experience in hand, I decided to quit my job to start a full-time career as a makeup artist and event planner.

Event planning gradually took over and I officially started “Enchanted Events” in 2011. Starting a new business was not easy and I had my share of ups and downs, but knowing there was nothing else I wanted to do, quitting wasn’t an option. In 2014, I launched the design arm of the business and haven’t looked back ever since. 

How challenging is the curation of wedding décor?

During the design phase, it’s important to structure unique and personal environments with distinct styles and preferences that are elegant extensions of the client’s interests. Most importantly and hence challenging is not just focusing on what your client is saying but drawing out the very essence of their vision and what they can’t put into words. Interpreting and bringing to life what’s both in their head and heart. 

How do you get your ideas for décor architecture?

The interplay between space, color and structure has always intrigued me since I was little; I’ve always had a vivid imagination and a creative side. I constantly draw inspiration from my surroundings, travels, the various professional courses I’ve undertaken, where I try to learn as much as possible from the different cultures, artisans, and dynamic creative I meet on the way. 

What are the challenges of wedding décor in Nigeria and what initiatives can help?

Most challenging is the ability to source readily available innovative pieces and quality human resource in the formation of an idea that complement the particular characteristics of each client’s mandate. As a spatial designer you find yourself having to source what you want mostly outside Nigeria. Initiatives such as grants to take on apprentices, and the establishment of creative hubs would help.

What is the favorite part of your job and the process?

The actual creative process of bringing a client’s vision and dream to life. The growing confidence of listening to your inner intuitive creative voice, digging deep in your minds’ eye, visualizing a concept and then having the ability to bring it to reality. The purpose that keep you up at night trying to perfect your designs and push you past your breaking point. The burning passion and drive that no one understands that can only come from within knowing this is your calling. This is what you’ve been gifted by God to do. 

Seeing that first look and grateful emotion on my client’s face when they walk into the room – priceless!

Author: abujatimes


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