Typically, there are two occasions that take me to cafés, I’ve either had a great day and I want to go over it alone or I’ve had a terrible day and I want to go over it alone. It was the latter that took me to café de vie.

So this café is on 12 Amazon Street, Maitama and you know how everyone boasts of being home away from home? Cafe de vie is one of the few places that can say that and be true. It probably has everything but your mother. First, you have to love the subtle touch of nature that engulfs you when you get there; makes you just want to take off your shoes and be one with it. I particularly love the semi-cutdown tree in front, which you can choose to sit under.

You can otherwise choose to sit in the balcony or just inside. Which brings me to the second thing I absolutely love: the furniture. On the inside, it looks like the living room you want to have a family in. It’s so simple and welcoming, there’s the temptation to just take off your shoes and curl up on a couch. And you should see the bathroom.

About the food: they have an interesting menu and a daily special, but I had toast and a café americano (sometimes, safe is the best way to play). Now, my café americano tasted somewhat lumpy and my toast, though delicious came a bit late, but the customer service! The waiters actually look like they are glad to see you; it doesn’t feel like the typical “oya come and eat and be going.” The lady that attended to me actually made me laugh. You have to love a place with pleasant people. I must also mention that their prices are decent (they could serve more water though, I mean).

One grudge I might have with them, is their choice of books. Most times, I find books in cafés more interesting than the menus. And I always want to feel like I’ve finished something before leaving, so short story collections are always the way to go if you ask me, long enough to occupy your time and short enough to keep your attention.

That said, as much as I like going to cafés alone, I really find myself wanting to take someone to café de vie. There’s just something really sweet about it, and I think the writings on the wall help too.

Will I visit again? Of course, hopefully after a good day this time. Will I recommend? Definitely.


Aisha Ari


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