According to officials, two bodies were recovered outside a mosque in Borno Maiduguri on Saturday after two female suicide bombers attacked worshippers there.
They attackers had struck as worshippers observed their Fajr prayers in Jiddari Polo area. It was later confirmed by officials that five people were injured in the attack.
Police said the girls could not gain much access into the targeted mosque. One of the suicide bombers later detonated an explosive that killed her fellow attacker too, police spokesperson, Victor Isuku, said.
A similar attack was carried out on a mosque in the same location on October 23, 2015.
About 18 worshippers were killed in that attack by a lone bomber.
Mr. Isuku, a deputy superintendent of police, said the incident happened “at about 0520hrs, today, when two female suicide bombers with IED strapped to their bodies attempted to enter a mosque at Juddumuri village, after federal high court.
“They were intercepted and prevented by the Muslim worshippers. In the process, one of them detonated her vest, killing both of them and injuring five others.
“The injured were rushed to specialist hospital, while the remains of the suicide bombers were equally evacuated by state emergency management agency (SEMA).”
A second blast was heard from the same location at about 6.37am.


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