The Nigerian Strength and Conditioning Trainer Changing the Lives of African Footballers in England

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Olanrewaju Pelumi

Olanrewaju Pelumi is the founder of Speed ‘N’ Sweat, a company that  provides professional athletes and individuals alike with bespoke exercise and nutritional regimes that make them perform at peak levels and meet their goals. For over four years, Pelumi (also known as Lumi) with his Speed N Sweat has created a niche in the strength and conditioning market.

Lumi is not an ordinary trainer. He has earned his stripes. He trained as a kick boxer at a competitive level, played professional basketball in Nigeria and participated in various marathons in and outside of England. As such, he fully understands the intricacies involved in sports preparation, discipline and more importantly, knows the biological dynamics that separates winning athletes from the pack.

In addition to his hands-on fitness approach, Lumi has a diploma in osteopathy, strength and conditioning. This feat places him above his peers in the business. He understands, in unbelievable details, how to manipulate and attend to skeletal and muscular disorders. Armed with this knowledge, he has been able to prescribe the right exercise regimes for injury prone athletes.

Recently, he worked with Dominic Samuel, a former striker of Reading FC, now playing with Blackburn Rovers, with particular focus on strengthening his knee and ensuring that Samuel puts his best in every game. He achieved this by placing the player on a two-day a week quasi-military training before the season. It’s evident that the pre-training made a mark in the footballer’s game as his goal tally increased and his teammates confessed about his pristine ability to outrun and challenge opponents. He has also worked Emmanuel Adebowale of Dover Athletic, Dominic Samuel of Blackburn Rovers, and Alex Teniola of Thamesmead Town.

Alex Teniola of Thamesmead Town
Dominic Samuel of Blackburn Rovers Football Club
Dominic Samuel of Blackburn Rovers Football Club

Lumi is presently working with Arsenal’s Chuba Akpom to help correct his minor back injury. To help Akpom get prime results, Lumi’s Speed N Sweat created a modified massage and training session, which has been on for the past couple of weeks. The player has regained strengths in his lower back and he’s ready to create a difference in the field of play. What’s more surprising is how Akpom has been able to maintain a heightened sense of motivation having witnessed Lumi’s work ethics on display.

He recently added Mikael Antoine Currier of Union St. Gilloise with severe cartilage lesion to his retinue of athletes. At the moment, he’s at the preliminary stage of designing exercise programs that would get Currier back on required levels of performance.

His professional expertise is not limited to placing professional footballers on excellent pedestals only, he also works with individuals who would like to beautify their physiognomy and get the best out of their personal training regimens. On his social media pages, there are confessions of life changing stories. Having witnessed the programs presented by Lumi’s Speed N Sweat, many clients continue to refer his services to their friends and loved ones.

In order not rest on his laurels, He is currently studying for a degree in biomechanics, which relates to the movement or structure of living organisms. This added knowledge would expand his strength and conditioning expertise. His thirst for new knowledge and his relentless approach to attaining new goals is what keeps Lumi’s Speed and Sweat on the top of the mountain.

He has delivered speeches in schools, churches and various groups spreading his message about the importance of keeping fit and maintaining a healthy diet.

For more information, check out his Instagram @speednsweat