Plateau Government Begins Interstate Immunization : Polio Eradication

Plateau state- polio eradication
Polio Eradication - Plateau state

The Plateau state government began a new strategy of interstate border immunization that would capture children coming in and out of the state, in an effort to eradicate the polio disease.

The government says the interception of children at the border areas has been a success with over 13,000 children being immunized during previous exercises.

One of the officials involved in the immunization process explained to Journalists that the development was a step away from the norm as it was high time the government intensified efforts in the eradication of the menace.

“Before now, we have been doing the conventional, that is; moving from house to house, going to public places, but as it is now, Nigeria has been drawn back as far as polio is concerned and so we need to think outside the box.

“That was what informed my Executive Secretary of the Primary Health Care Development Board, to think and say, instead of just sitting down or moving from house to house, let’s intercept these children at the point of entry into the state capital.”

The Executive Secretary of the Primary Health Care Development Board also noted that results of the previous exercises revealed that most of the children moving across the state were not immunised a fact which also informed the new approach.